Our History

Founded in 2004 by Stéphane Dähler, Dahler Cigars Company has come a long way from its beginnings in San Ramon. When Stéphane first started out,his passion for Handmade Cigars drove them to start their own business.

Dahler Cigarsisa boutique manufacturer of premium, hand-made cigars.We provide you with the highest quality of hand-made cigars.

My Journey

First ever cigar made by
Stéphane Dähler
that later became the basis of the magnificent company .

A Cigar ought not be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes, and with the spirit.
Zino Davidoff.


From seed to cigar to mouth.

Each stage of making a Dahler Cigar, from seed to cigar to mouth, is guided by over a year of well-guarded experience and touched by over 200 skilled hands. Our tobacco seeds are handpicked, planted,and nourished from the moment they are planted. Each growth stage is constantly monitored until our growers conclude that the leaves have peaked and are ready to pick.

The leaves are harvested from the bottom up and sent to the curing barn where they are aged out doors once the plants are at their peak. They are classified once they have aged to a brown tint. Blasted with water and crammed into a small space Filler leaves are wrapped for 60 days before being unwrapped.Spray with water and compress together to ferment once more

They are unwrapped, sprayed, and fermented for another 30 days after another 35 to 40 days.Ammonia and nicotine are removed throughout this unique fermentation process, leaving just pure flavor and aroma. The leaves are placed in Piqua’s (burlap bags) after the final fermentation and matured for at least two years in the dark.

Let the magic begin.

The magic begins when the master blender picks a mix of tobacco leaves that will produce a cigar with distinct character, personality, and complexity, culminating in an unparalleled smoking experience,leveraging 200 years of secrets and inherent experience. After the blend has been created, the leaves are rolled using the Entubado technique, which is a demanding and sophisticated method. Our experienced rollers roll each filler leaf into itself, almost like a miniature scroll, a technique rarely used by huge cigar factories. The bunch is then formed by placing each separately "scrolled" leaf together.

This rolling method results in a cigar that is more tightly packed, allowing air to circulate between all of the leaves and conveying more flavors to the tongue. Is it difficult? Yes, indeed. Is it time-consuming?Without a doubt. When it comes to smoking pleasure, however. The bunches are then placed into wood presses, following which the wrapping leaf is applied. The cigar is then given a final inspection and, if accepted, is aged for 6 to 2 years in a Cedar-lined aging room.