Bicolor by Dahler - The Elegant one
The Bicolor by Dähler, which is ideal for all cigar enthusiasts. Our cigar has a pleasant scent and a mellow flavor. The distinctive bicolor is ideal for both newbies to the tobacco world and mild aroma enthusiasts.
The "Capa" wrapper is more than just a shell; it contributes to the cigar's aesthetic appeal. The two-tone wrapper underlines the aromatic cigar's one-of-a-kind nature. As a result, the Dähler Bicolor is unmistakably elegant.


The Crew (airline employee) is a unique end-wound cigar designed specifically for travellers. This unique and delicious cigar pays homage to globetrotters and gives every smoker a feeling of vacation, as it was inspired by many encounters with pilots and flight attendants.
The exquisite slender black box (10 pieces per box) was designed specifically for pilots' needs, so it fits in any bag, no matter how little, and is ideal for taking on a trip


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The perfect choice for the daily smoke due to its size and specially selected tobacco with noble quality. The new Dähler cigar is given the name Puma because of the Pumas project, which we support as a travel agency and as a family.Guanacaste, the northwesternmost province of Costa Rica, is home to many wild animals. One of these wild animals are the Puma. Due to forest fires, these animals are gradually losing their homes.Therefore, many pumas are dependent on the help of the Rescue Center Las Pumas.To support this important project, we have developed the Puma cigar. This cigar is smaller, thicker and more flavorful than its siblings.For the construction of an enclosure for the Puma baby, the Daehler family developed this new high quality cigar in honor of this mighty beauty. We have already been able to support the construction of the enclosure and handed over a check for $5,000.If you ever visit Costa Rica, don't miss to visit the rescue center.